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020 3579 0555

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020 7521 4672

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Harley Street Clinic

77 Harley St.,
London, W1G 9PF

Shoreditch Clinic (Kite Eyewear)

25 Redchurch St.,
London, E2 7DJ

Moorfields Private Outpatient Centre (Cataract and general eye conditions only)

9-11 Bath St.,
London, EC1V 9LF

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Why choose us?

We offer you a wealth of experience earned from over 80,000 vision correction procedures over 22 years. Let us help you make time for vision correction so you can focus on the loves of your life.

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How does it work? It’s simple

What holds our patients back? Time! Use this time to get ahead of the game, so you’re ready for whatever the future will bring

Everyone says “I’ll get to it”, but honestly, how many things do we let get in the way of what we want? The first step is simply to call and request a free video appointment.

Attend your in-person consultation at a time that fits your busy lifestyle. After hours? No problem. We’ll make it work.

Recover your time. Glasses and contact lenses waste valuable time. Remove unnecessary hassle (and cost), and free yourself up to enjoy hobbies and people you love.

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What happens during your appointment

I've designed a pathway to ensure we arrive at a clear recommendation about your next steps


At your video appointment, we’ll take you through a thorough medical and motivational questionnaire to accurately and deeply understand your motivations and concerns around vision correction so that we can suggest a suitable treatment.


Second, we’ll invite you to take a series of measurements and other medical evaluations to understand the medical requirements and confirm your suitability for the treatment we recommend.


Once we have all the information we need, we’ll discuss your prospective outcomes and any risks and side-effects that we expect for your specific case.


Finally, we’ll develop a personalised treatment plan to ensure we optimise the best result you can expect for your specific prescription and how you wish to enjoy your new vision without glasses and contact lenses.

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Our patients make more time for life

They no longer miss out on the life they want most

I can suddenly start seeing things a lot clearer. Very quickly post-surgery, your life is transformed to 20/20 vision.


Hasu Shah, London
Now my life is great because I can play sports without wearing glasses at all or worry about them slipping off. I can wear sunglasses and I don’t have to get prescription sunglasses.


Arif Hussain, London
My vision is generally a lot clearer because even though I was wearing glasses or contact lenses, there were lots of ongoing issues. These issues don’t exist anymore!


Pari Vandra, London
So now that I’ve had the surgery, I play a lot of tennis for example, I don’t have to worry about having to wear glasses, glasses falling off. It’s been life changing!


Yasser Ahmad, London
Before I had laser eye surgery, I was very shortsighted. Now that I’ve had the surgery, I find that my life is just so much easier. It doesn’t slow me down.


Dr Anurahda Arasu, London
I wish I’d done it earlier if I had the opportunity to, just to get more of the benefits of it for a longer period of time. It is a life changing thing, really is.


Jeff Tsang, London

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What we do and don’t do

We tick all the right boxes to ensure the highest standard of care

What we do

  • We offer a free video appointment and in-person consultation with a qualified surgeon prior to committing to surgery
  • We have a transparent, honest and easy to interpret pricing policy without any time-limited offers
  • We provide aftercare in an environment where there is direct access to a qualified surgeon
  • We use state of the art equipment at one treatment centre with tried and tested technology
  • We have a non-commissioned based team resulting in no pressure selling at any point in your journey
  • We ensure all of our surgeons practice to the very highest standards in the industry and hold the Royal College of Ophthalmologists Certificate in Laser Refractive Surgery

What we don’t do

  • We do not offer consultations without the surgeon being present
  • We do not advertise impossibly low or difficult to interpret prices only to be charged significantly more at the time of surgery
  • We do not outsource our aftercare to inexperienced practitioners
  • We do not treat at multiple sites so we can maintain consistency of our outcomes
  • We do not use aggressive sales tactics to sign you up to surgery in a particular timeframe or lose your discount
  • We do not treat excessively high volumes of patients on a particular day creating a rushed and negative experience for the patient