Patient Stories: Arif Hussain (Company Director)

Patient Stories

Arif Hussain shares his experience with laser eye surgery at Clarity Vision Correction

The problem I had was a very high prescription on both eyes. I think I was minus six or minus seven, which meant that without my glasses I couldn’t see anything. I’d wake up in the morning, had to scramble around for my glasses, didn’t like wearing contact lenses more than for a little while but found they tired my eyes out quite a lot.

The glasses were all I had, couldn’t wear sunglasses or anything like that, so it was a real inconvenience to have to wear glasses wherever I went.


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So now my life is great because I can play sports without wearing glasses at all, don’t have to worry about where they are or worry about them slipping off. I can wear sunglasses and anything I like. I don’t have to get prescription sunglasses, pick them up off the shelf – just the general ease of life, not having to worry about trying to find my glasses in the morning. I have two kids now. I don’t have to worry about them picking my glasses up, breaking them, et cetera.

So it’s just the ability to have the freedom to do what I want to do when I want to do it.

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